Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's just a date, right?

1 Jun - This date has some significance in our family! Do you have dates like that? I am sure you do, most everyone does, it just happens that way! For us, this is one of many and I was reminded of the significance as I attended the graduation party for a cousin. So, let's keep it simple, here goes:

1 Jun 1988 - My Grandpa, Bailus VanBuren Dye, died. (mom's dad)
We only had 7 years with him in our lives and were so grateful!
But that story is for another blog post for another time. 

1 Jun 1989 - I graduated from West Jordan High School.

1 Jun 1995 - My younger sister, Tonuah, graduated from West Jordan High School.

What does this date mean to you?  What is one of the significant dates for your family?

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